Harmony Validator

Bridging blockchains

Harmony is the first blockchain to implement shards on a functioning proof-of-stake mainnet. It can be used for assets, identity and governance.

Ideal's Mission

To support blockchains that address pressing social topics.

Ideal supports the adoption of blockchains with a social focus. The operator uses personal rewards to fund meaning driven innovation projects of Quirqie.

Ideal's Vision

To ensure all people can experience life as meaningful.

Ideal works towards a new status quo: a mindset with the intrinsic motivation to rethink attitudes and actions in the interest of societal progress.


Total Stake
Lifetime Rewards


350K+ Pledge

Our commitment to our validator in ONE tokens.

~10% Lifetime ROO

We offer a market conform return on ONE (ROO).

5% Commission

The Ideal validator uses the base commission of 5%.

Global Distribution

Hosted and local servers in Europe, North America and more.

24/7 Monitoring

Our software monitors the health of our pools 24/7.

Green Power

Our website and >95% of our nodes run on renewable energy.


Olivier Wouters is the operator of Ideal, part of IOGs RealFi team and founder of Quirqie. He grew up in a design office. The designers there taught him how to use design and IT to innovate.

In 2016, Olivier graduated as MSc Information Studies at the University of Amsterdam. He since specialised in Design Thinking and Design Driven Innovation.


Closing our Harmony validator

Attention ONE delegates: the IDEAL validator will close April 30th. Please redelegate ONE to other validators, such as StrongMindsHold and Fortune.ONE. We thank all those who supported us. Please feel free to…


Is there a risk in delegating ONE to the Ideal validator?

All delegators to all validators run the risk of slashing. This can happen when a validator breaches the protocol.

On paper, this could happen when a validator is Double Signing. When doing so, the validator loses at least 2% of stake depending on the number of slots that are corrupted.

In practice, this has never happened before on the entire Harmony blockchain.

How can I delegate ONE to the Ideal validator?

You can delegate ONE to Ideal with one of the supported wallets listed here.

  1. Connect the wallet with the official staking dashboard
  2. Search for the Ideal validator in the list of elected validators
  3. Click on Delegate
  4. Select the desired amount of ONE and hit Confirm

When will I receive delegation rewards?

It takes about an epoch or two (~48 hours) for the first rewards to be awarded. Note that the validator has to be Elected in order to make rewards.

How do I monitor the performance of the validator?

Use the official dashboard to monitor the performance of the ideal pool.

Why are the rewards different for each epoch?

Rewards are based on the amount of slots a validator has. In addition, factors such as the validator’s stake, total amount of ONE staked on the chain and the performance of shards influence rewards. These factors change with each epoch.


Got a question about one of the Ideal stake pools? Want to learn more about one of our projects? Feel free to shoot us a message!