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Author: Olivier

Fixed underperforming node

Our sign rate for epoch 550 is lower than usual. The rate dropped due to one of our nodes underperforming. We addressed the issue with a hardware upgrade and adjustment of BLS keys. The sign rate and performance should be back to normal (>99%) in

Elected! Epoch 532

This is the first time the IDEAL validator has been elected! Just one week after launch! To celebrate, we upgraded our validator setup in terms of hardware and nodes.

Minted NFTs and teamed up with an artist!

It is now possible to create NFTs with the Cardano blockchain platform! To celebrate, the IDEAL pool has teamed up with an artist to create a series of 7 artworks. The artworks honor the great minds who inspired the creation of the Cardano blockchain, will

Node hardware upgrade

We upgraded all nodes in preparation of the arrival of smart contracts. All nodes now meet the new recommended RAM specifications of 8GB. Happy staking!

1 million ADA!

The Cardano stake pool IDEAL is growing fast! We have now achieved an active stake of 1 million ADA with the help of over 20 delegators.