Cardano Pool

Banking the unbanked

Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform: the first to be founded on peer-reviewed research and developed through evidence-based methods.

Ideal's Mission

To support blockchains that address pressing social topics.

Ideal supports the adoption of blockchains with a social focus. The operator uses personal rewards to fund meaning driven innovation projects of Quirqie.

Ideal's Vision

To ensure all people can experience life as meaningful.

Ideal works towards a new status quo: a mindset with the intrinsic motivation to rethink attitudes and actions in the interest of societal progress.


Total Stake
Rewards Made


250K+ Pledge

Our commitment to our staking pool in ADA.

4.7% Lifetime ROA

We offer a market conform return on ADA (ROA).

0% Commission

Ideal takes no cut of staking rewards.

Global Distribution

Hosted and local servers in Europe, North America and more.

24/7 Monitoring

Our software monitors the health of our pools 24/7.

Green Power

Our nodes and website run on renewable energy.


Olivier Wouters is the operator of Ideal, part of IOGs RealFi team and founder of Quirqie. He grew up in a design office. The designers there taught him how to use design and IT to innovate.

In 2016, Olivier graduated as MSc Information Studies at the University of Amsterdam. He since specialised in Design Thinking and Design Driven Innovation.


Cardano Node 1.35.3

We have updated all of our Cardano nodes to 1.35.3. This release fixes some important issues with previous versions of the node and provides some CLI enhancements. The node provides full Vasil…


How do I delegate ADA to the Ideal pool?

Use either the Daedalus or Yoroi wallet as listed on Navigate to the delegation tab in either wallet and search for ticker Ideal.

For more information, please consult our beginner’s guide or watch our tutorial videos.

Is there a risk in delegating ADA to a pool?

There is no risk in delegating ADA to a staking pool. ADA delegated to a pool will never leave the delegator’s wallet and will never be locked.

When will I receive staking rewards?

It takes 4 epochs (~20 days) for first time delegators to receive their first staking rewards.

Switching from another pool? Then it takes just 2 epochs (~ 10 days) to receive the first rewards from Ideal. You won’t miss out on rewards from the previous pool while switching to Ideal.

After these periods rewards will be distributed each epoch (~ 5 days). Note that the pool has to make a block in an epoch in order to make staking rewards. It is normal for a pool to sometimes not make blocks.

How do I monitor rewards?

Use the Daedalus or Yoroi wallet to monitor rewards in the Reward tab. Click here to monitor the overall performance and reward distribution of the pool.

Why do I receive more/ less rewards than before?

Rewards are calculated per epoch (~ 5 days) and are based on numerous factors.

The factors include but are not limited to the amount of active delegators, delegated stake to our pool, luck in the block lottery and processed blocks.

These factors tend to change per epoch.

What do certain staking terms mean?

  • Pool pledge
    The amount of self‐bonded assets that are intended to remain staked to the pool for as long as it is in operation.
  • Fixed costs
    The set fee that is deducted first to cover the pool’s operational costs. All pools are required to set the fixed costs to at least 340 ADA.
  • Pool margin
    The percentage of the pool’s rewards taken by the stake pool operator after the fixed cost but before rewards are distributed pro‐rata.
  • Lifetime ROA
    The return of ADA (ROA) a delegator can expect on delegated ADA after one year. This metric is based on a pool’s lifetime performance.
  • ROA (M)
    The return of ADA (ROA) a delegator can expect on delegated ADA after one year. This metric is based on a pool’s recent performance.


Got a question about one of the Ideal stake pools? Want to learn more about one of our projects? Feel free to shoot us a message!