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An ideal Stake Pool

Towards a more ideal world

Cardano Pool Harmony Pool

Our ideal Setup

250K+ Pledge

Our commitment to both Cardano and Harmony.



Low Fees

We offer high and stable delegator rewards.




Green Energy

IDEAL is powered by renewable energy.



Global distribution

Servers in Amsterdam, New York, Singapore and more.

24/7 Monitoring

Our software monitors the health of our stake pools 24/7.


Secure setup

We have backups in place for software, hardware, and data.

Our Operator

Olivier Wouters

Stake Pool Operator

Olivier grew up in a design office. The designers and architects there showed him how to use design and IT to innovate. In 2016 he graduated as MSc Information Studies: Human Centered Multimedia at the University of Amsterdam. He since specialised in Design Thinking and Design-Driven Innovation.

Our ideal Stake Pools

The Cardano Pool The Harmony Pool

Our ideal News

Our ideal Answers


Use either the Daedalus or Yoroi wallet as listed on Navigate to the delegation tab in either wallet and search for ticker IDEAL.


Go to the Staking Dashboard and click on the Delegate button to join the Ideal Harmony pool. Make sure to use one of the support wallets when delegating.

There is no risk. Tokens delegated to the IDEAL pool will never leave the wallet of the delegator and will never be locked. It is a win-win situation!


It takes about 5 epochs (~25 days) for the first rewards to be awarded.


It takes about 2 epochs (~2 days) for the first rewards to be awarded.


Use the Daedalus or Yoroi wallet to monitor rewards in the Reward tab. Click here to monitor the overall performance and reward distribution of the pool.


Claiming and monitoring rewards depends on the wallet. Click here for more information.

Rewards are calculated per epoch and are based on numerous factors.

The factors include but are not limited to the amount of active delegators, delegated stake to our pool, luck in the block lottery and processed blocks.

These factors tend to change per epoch.

Our ideal Support