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An ideal Stake Pool For Harmony

Towards a more ideal world


Our ideal Start

“Towards a more ideal world” is our slogan for a reason: we use delegation rewards to fund and guide social projects that support cultural and societal progress.

The ideal Harmony pool is active since epoch 522.

Total Stake

Our ideal Setup

350K Pledge

Our commitment to the Harmony blockchain.

0% Fee

No fees. We want our delegators to get high returns.

Green Energy

Our website and nodes are powered by renewable energy.


Global distribution

Servers in Amsterdam, San Fransisco, and Singapore.

24/7 Monitoring

Our software monitors the health of the validator 24/7.

Secure setup

We have backups in place for software, hardware, and data.

Our Operator

Olivier Wouters

Stake Pool Operator

Olivier grew up in a design office. The designers and architects there showed him how to use design and IT to innovate. In 2016 he graduated as MSc Information Studies: Human Centered Multimedia at the University of Amsterdam. He since specialised in Design Thinking and Design-Driven Innovation.

Our ideal Validator Address


Our ideal News

Our ideal Answers

Delegation to our pool is available from April 8, 2021.

There is no risk. Delegated ONE will never leave your wallet.

You can delegate to our ideal (IDEAL) pool with one of the supported wallets listed here.

It takes about an epoch or two (~48 hours) for the first rewards to be awarded.

Use the official dashboard to monitor the performance of the ideal pool.

Rewards are based on the amount of blocks a validator (the ideal pool) makes. Factors such as effective stake and block elections influence how many blocks we produce. These factors are different for each epoch.

Our ideal Support